Lecturer Department of Adult and Community Education

Maynooth University (IE)


Camilla has been working in adult and community education since the 1990s. She has worked with women’s groups, vocational groups, residents groups and campaign groups all as part of wider community development initiatives. Her practice is influenced by critical pedagogy and feminism and her research influence extends across the breadth of adult and community education where the emphasis is on equality, social justice and inclusive learning. She has published extensively in community education, the professionalisation of adult and community education and the influence of policy on adult and community education. When focusing on adult education practice, she seeks to uncover dimensions of power in relation to gender, race, presumptions about ability, and other social and structural concepts. At Maynooth she works across a range of programmes at under-graduate and post-graduate level. She is currently the Course Coordinator of the Higher Diploma in Further Education.