You can proceed to register for the eucen 2018 Autumn Seminar by filling in the seminar’s Registration Form and sending it back to the eucen Secretariat via the email Please bear in mind the deadlines shown below to make sure you can benefit from the Early Bird discounts.

Read the General Terms and Conditions for participation to the eucen Conferences and Events by following this link. They will be applied in all cases without exception.


Registration fee

Deadline to register benefiting of the Early Bird reduced fee is 26 September 2018.


  • EARLY BIRD* for eucen members** 220€  Sorry – Too late! Special rate not available now
  • EARLY BIRD* for non-eucen members 250€  Sorry – Too late! Special rate not available now
  • Registration after 21 September for eucen members** 240€
  • Registration after 21 September for non-eucen members 270€

Deadline to register: 12 November 2018

You can see what your registration fee includes exactly in the back of the Registration Form.

Social Activity

On Thursday 15 November a networking cocktail will be organised for the participants to the HE4u2 project Final Symposium. Those registered for the Autumn Seminar will have afterwards a dinner at 20:00. The restaurant will be confirmed in due course.

It is possible to attend to the concert and join the dinner on Thursday 15 November for accompanying people, if interested. Tick the option in the Registration Form and add this cost to the total to pay when processing the payment.


* In order to benefit from the EARLY BIRD registration rates, you must send your fully filled in registration form together with proof of having made the payment of the total cost of your registration. Registration forms that do not have attached proof of payment will be put on hold. After 26 September, those registrations that have not paid in full will be invoiced with the standard registration rate and treated as such.

**Please note that members with any payments pending from a previous year will not be able to benefit from the members’ discount.